School Pigeon Text Message Replacement. Go Paperless

Parents and Carers

Never miss another message from your child's school with the School Pigeon App.

Simply download the app for free, follow the school that your child attends and see every message that the school sends out.

Whenever the school sends out a message you'll receive a notification - and instant access to the message, whether it's a reminder about PE tomorrow, a letter about examination arrangements or a residential trip next term.

If you've got children at different schools, follow each school.

Get the latest school messages direct to your phone with School Pigeon.

Quickly, easily, frequently.  

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Engage with parents and carers though the School Pigeon App.

Send messages direct to parents and carers at the click of a button - anything from short reminders about tonight's homework or tomorrow's assembly, to detailed letters about next term's school trip or next year's curriculum.

Include links to your website or to other important news items or educational resources.

Save money by not having to pay for expensive all-school text messages - one of our trial schools estimates that School Pigeon has saved them over £2,000 in the first year.

Go paperless and save on paper, ink and staff time.

Register now and take the first step towards effective, inexpensive messaging, across the school community.

Quickly, easily, frequently.

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